Is an Air Source Heat Pump Right for my Property?

Although they are cutting-edge, effective heating and cooling technology, air-source heat pumps might not be appropriate for all types of properties. If you want to know whether installing a heat pump makes sense for you, it’s necessary to comprehend the special features of your property.

What do you mean by an air source heat pump?

ASHPs are a relatively new concept that may be used to heat your house either in place of or in addition to a conventional boiler. They have swiftly gained popularity since they require little maintenance and provide a long-term source of semi-renewable energy. They can heat the building even in extremely cold weather using energy from the air outside your home.

How does the air source heat pump work?

ASHPs function essentially likes a refrigerator but in reverse. They draw their vitality from the air surrounding the property. The pump converts a liquid refrigerant into a gas by heating it with heat from the air. The gas is subsequently compressed by the pump, which causes it to be heated.

This heat then powers radiators, underfloor heating, and other types of heating in your house. The heat then returns from a liquid to a gas. Once this is finished, the cycle starts over.

Is an Air Source Heat Pump Right for my Property?

Before installing an air source heat pump system in your house or business, you must consider several considerations.

The characteristics of your home are a crucial factor to take into account. To install the ground loop housing the heated fluid in the case of a ground source heat pump, you will need an outside space that you don’t mind digging up that is typically double the surface area of the residence.

It may be advisable to think about an air source heat pump installation, which is much more compact and more suited to urban locations if you don’t have such a space or don’t want to dig up your garden. The cost and energy efficiency that air and ground source heat pumps offer will be greatly influenced by your property’s degree of insulation.

Therefore, air source heat pump installation is perfect for installation in newly constructed and recently remodelled homes that are outfitted with high energy efficiency requirements. The cost benefits of renewable heat systems are also influenced by your present supply of hot water and heating. For instance, the economic advantages of switching to a heat pump over an electric, liquid gas, or solid fuel system are likely to be rather considerable.


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