About Us

Who are we and what is the goal?

Heating Homes and helping the planet

Our Story

Connecting consumers with trusted professional ashp installers and helping save the planet one step at a time.

Our History

We started off as a group of installers that looked for ashp installation work. We found after years in the industry that many systems weren’t being installed properly and we therefore had to rectify faults and setup systems properly.

We also couldn’t find one central location to find ashp work from, with alot of time being wasted on quotes where the consumer really didn’t know the costs involved.

This is where Air Source Installers was born to create a one place environment where the consumer can find information and choose an installer and also where the installer can find the customer already with a lot of knowledge on the product they are looking at.

We believe we are the first of our kind as we don’t just sell a place on our website for the installer we check their qualifications history and insurances to give the consumer the confidence that the money they are spending is on a professional service. 


We are aligning ourselves to become the largest network of private engineers delivering a national ashp service to consumers. A brand mark that both consumers and engineers can trust.


We understand the way in which our world is changing and how we all need to do our part in protecting it so, we have a vision to help as many people as possible go green.